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    Default Florida certifications

    Can someone please provide me with information regarding Florida certifications? How to obtain? Reciprocity? I currently live out of state, but have considered moving there once finished with Paramedic school. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Email me at Rustygrd204469@yahoo.com
    im just an fire-explorer, but ill see what i can do
    i know military FFs who transfered their certs to here
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    Get your National Paramedic Certification and you will have no trouble getting a Florida License. You will just have to challenge the test.

    On the fire side it is not as easy as the explorer may think. With 32 years of career and volunteer service I was told originally that I was not "qualified" to challenge the firefighter II minimum standards test.

    It took me 10 months...

    Go to the National Pro Board site ( http://www.npqs.win.net/ ) and get any pro board certs that are recognized in both maryland and Florida.

    Then make sure you get the breakdown of all your certifications as far as subject hours and NFPA standards. Florida will require that you have all of the hours in each and every subject catagory and be able to prove it. Get certified copies of all your training records and any documentation you need.

    In order to be an instructor you must have had educational methodology for Instructor I and an Associates Degree for Instructor II.

    Do not mail your information to them when you apply. Make and appointment to go there and sit with them and go over the records while you are there and do not leave without an answer. Persistence wears down resistence. In Florida it is a $$$$ thing. They do not care how much experience you have or certifications. They look at you as a $$$ amount since they charge almost $2000.00 for minimum standards.

    I had a friend who came here to be a chief and was on the adjunct faculty of the National Fire Academy as well as NVCC and had been a deputy chief in Fairfax City. They would not let him challenge the minimum standards test and gave him grief about officer certs....but he prevailed.

    Here is the website to the Florida Fire College:

    Email me if you need more...
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