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Thread: Normal Readings

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    Default Normal Readings

    Hey all....

    Trying to do some research to find out what the normal readings are for Lower Explosive Limits (LEL) and Tox. The gas detector for our FD has those reading on it but noboady seems to remember what the normals are. We are primarily using it for CO only.


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    What meter do you own?
    Most detectors are set to alarm at 10% of the LEL. Remember that the detector is calibrated to one gas and you need a conversion factor to calculate for other gasses, but it will be close. CO is 35 ppm and HS is 10 ppm and O2 is good between 19.5 and 23.5%

    Don't forget that you need a good O2 sensor or the monitor isn't going to be accurate. O2 sensors don't last long so I would buy a single gas CO from MSA or SCOTT, save the sensors in the other for confined space incidents or as a double check.

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    Zero is a good "normal" for LEL and Toxicity, but I think I may not understand your question.
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