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    Default A question for Webteam.......

    I have a problem when I go to log on to this site under my AOL. Our family computer that has DSL on it, will allow me to logon to FH.com without any problems, it runs, loads, and will allow me to post. However I now have gotten my own computer with AOL 8.0 and it will not let me log on to this site don't ask me why it won't, it must just not like me. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please e-mail me at explr985@aol.com
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    Have you ever thought that youmay still be logged on, on the other computer.

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    i wouldnt think that would affect anything. i stay logged in to FH from my home computer and have no problem using it at school.

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    I dont think that makes a difference. Because I am logged on on various computers at school... firehall... and home. So maybe the problem lays within AOL. I dont know, do they use any built-in firewalls or anything?
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    I logged on under a diffirent ISP after my AOL went south and had to relog in to the forums,

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    Engine101 may have it....I thought that somewhere FH.com said that they have something to block dual log ons by the same person.... Not sure. I know that they can recognize the fact that you have logged on as a different user with the same ISP....
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    I'm a computer nerd... I have 2 operating systems here. I also have two programs to use the internet on each. After reading this. I loaded "Netscape" and MS Explorer on both and proceeded to firehouse.com. You can log in several times with the same ID. I logged on with "Dushore5741" on Netscape and MS on the same computer, both different prog's... MS saves my log in, and netscape does not. Yet I could still enter w/ netscape and post w/ both prog's at the same time. As well as the other system at the same exact time. The only limit is, you can't use two different ID's at the same time, on one system, and a single prog. Fellow nerd will understand my redundant paragraph. If you don't; read every other sentence. That may help you some.

    Otherwise, I can't help you.

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