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    Default does it happen often?

    I am currently getting my EMT certification in St. Louis. I am planning on getting my paramedic certification next in the hopes of becomming a firefighter. What are the chances that I would go through all of this training and education and then never get hired on anywhere. Is this a pretty common occurrence. Is there anything I could do NOW to make sure this doesn't happen to me? One more question for you: Does having a college 4 year degree increase my chances of getting hired as a firefighter or do they not really care about such things?

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    Default Often

    Becoming a medic could be your fastest way to a badge because up to 80% of the job offering are for fire/medics.

    But never forget this From Steve Prziborowski, Fire Captain - Santa Clara County Fire Department from my new book: Becoming a Firefighter--The complete Guide to Your Badge! Learn more click here:


    Do what you have to do be more marketable so you can take more tests and have something more to offer a department, but remember that it all comes down to that 15 to 30 minute oral interview. I've seen some awesome candidates with resumes packed full of accomplishments that couldn't sell them self in an interview to even make the top 50%.

    Captain Bob

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    They say "the true test of someone's intelligence is to the extent with which they agree with you."

    I think Capt. Bob's advise really is dead on. Alot of people looking for work as firefighters waste a good deal of time and effort on activities and schooling they THINK will land them a position. Your Paramedic license will certainly be more of a positive credential, by way of hiring, than a fire science or other degree. I've often told people YOU get yourself to the interview. If you score #1 on the written exam, and #1 on the agility test you WILL get an interview. Like Bob says, once you get that far it's just a matter of selling yourself. I think my Chief would like a refund on me, but I tel him it's way too late now!

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