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    Question Rescue Boats

    I've got a question for someone who has developed their own rescue boat. We are looking at putting together an 18 to 20 foot boat with a center mounted, stand up console for river and lake rescue. Water depths vary from 2 to 40 feet. Our thoughts are to have room to put a backboard on both sides of the console. We also want to set it up with lighting for night ops. If anyone has done something similar could you let me know please? No sense re-inventing the wheel. If we can find something someone else has done and tweek it to our needs it'd be great. Any help someone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Rescue Boat

    Seeing that you are from Wisconsin, Ice and Water rescues are concerns. That was a major ideal for us when we purchased our "Ice Angel" from Windmark. It allows for 3+ rescuers, 2 longboards or snowmobile or ATV placed on the deck and can be used in Ice/Slush/Snow/Water. Questions about this give a yell to Stevens Point Fire.

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