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    Default What does it take?

    What does it take to become a carrer Fire Fighter? im a Volunteer here in MD right now and im only 16. I enjoy it so much i think i want to go carrerwith it.

    Whats some qaulifications i must meet?

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    The Qualifications depend on how the department hires but for the most part you will have to take a Civil Service Test then depending on how you place you will have to go through a physical fitness test and after that you will have to pass through a Fire Academy of the Department's chosing
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    RescuHoppy7 has got you started in the right direction. Look at the department you want to work for, see what type of requirements you need. Get to know the guys at your local department, they are also a good resource. Look at different courses you can take on your own, that you can afford. You have plenty of time to get on the department.

    EMS courses, volunteer work, leadership courses, any course that helps you in the direction of the fire service. It is a great career, and good luck to you.


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