If you have ever thought about relocating to the tranquil outdoors of the Northeast but still want to work for a mid sized department, the City of Bangor, Maine is hiring for 2 positions.

Go to http://www.bgrme.org/index.php3?c1=...rations&c2=fire

From the the Fire Dept homepage, click on the "Interested in working for..?"

It is a 100% carrer, 90 member, dual role, ALS transporting Fire Department. 4 crews work only 7 or 8 24 hour shifts monthly with a (1 ON, 1 OFF, 1 ON 5 OFF) schedule. Annual call volume of 9,000.
3 stations provide 4 Engine Companies, 3 Rescues, 1 Ladder Co., and several special call pieces (Snorkle, Tanker, Technical Rescue etc)

Two openings will have a starting salary of approx $28,600 base up to $42,000 within 5-6 years under current contract.

If you have questions feel free to email me.

IAFF #772