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    Default adds a whole new meaning to community service

    Fire department served with summons

    Broadcast News

    BLOCKHOUSE, N.S. -- Members of the Blockhouse, Nova Scotia volunteer fire department have been served with a summons.

    They are to appear in court on charges related to the construction of an addition to the firehall in the community without the proper permits.

    The municipal councilor for the area calls the firefighters heroes and not criminals.

    Brian McIntosh is asking council to stop the prosecution and help them find an agreement that respects their contribution to the community.

    McIntosh has threatened to resign if the fire hall addition is torn down.

    Blockhouse fire chief Shaun MacDonald is also threatening to resign if the addition is removed.

    The hall expansion was needed to accomodate a pumper truck the department purchased earlier in the summer.
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    I sure hope they resolve this issue peacefully, but my first impression is:


    Firefighters of all people should know that you can't duck the red tape. What's the big problem with getting a simple building permit. Out here it's fifty bucks and an engineers approval letter when it's done.

    Hardly worth the stink that this has clearly caused.
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    Quite true, community service does not excuse one from the rules and regulations that apply to everyone else, or at least it shouldn't
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