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    Lightbulb In need of ideas

    My fire department is having a fundraising event for kids,
    we have food, games and the guys demonstrate a vehicle extrication.
    We would like to have games or activities that would help teach the
    kids about fire safety. Has anyone ever had an event like this and what sort of activities were there? or if you just have some suggestions.


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    Around here we are lucky enough to have a fire safety house. It is a fun way to get the kids into a "house type" setting and show them what is safe and what is not. They love the smoke room! We still do the stop drop and roll thing too. All you really need is a mat for the kids to roll around on. We also have a "Sparky" the fir dog costume which the younger kids love, we take pictures of Sparky with the kids and send it to them in a little card that says thank you for visiting us at the fire station.

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    We do the above also with the safety house and stop drop roll. 2 other things we have done the kids have loved. First was to have a simple bucket brigade relay race. Kids pass buckets of water and fill a garbage can at the end. Second thing was to make a "fire fighting house". Took a 4x8 piece of plywood and cut some square openings. Then put those pieces on hinges with magnets and painted it to look like a house. The cutout pieces have flames painted on them. Kids line up with a booster line and shoot the flame windows over, "putting the fire out". They love it and it's simple to build.

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    We have several BBQs every year for Muscular Dystrophy, and we have found that anything to do with water is a hit. We usually incorporate the fire safety into the prize. We don't see much interest in "Stop, Drop, and Roll" games with older kids (5+).

    Our most popular event has got to be the mini hose battle. Set it up by stringing a rope between to poles/objects, and haging a beachball from it (either use a sailing pulley if you have it or just an oversized metal ring around the rope). Put the kids on either side in a fire helmet (we still have two of the old lightweight plastic helmets for them to wear) goggles and a 5/8 garden hose with a miniature brass or plastic smoothbore nozzle, and let them go at it. The first kid to push the beach ball over to the other kids side is the winner. We hang a short piece of yellow fireline from the rope about two feet in front of each kid to show the finish line.

    We pin fire safety posters all over the fire truck, and then ask them about fire safety before they can get their prize, and they have to answer correctly (a little coaching is allowed so nobody goes home empty handed). Stickers and colouring books, etc, are popular prizes, and usually cheap if not free from your chosen charity.

    We had some playstation video games to give away at our last BBQ, so we made a rule that 5 wins got you a game. The kids were lined up 10 deep all day, and they sure learned their fire safety tips. The parents loved it as well and couldn't take enough pictures.
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    Smile Well..........

    Couple of years ago, we took a couple of wooden moving crates and some glass patio doors, (from a house that was burned for training) and made a Two room "House" with a glass wall that allowed spectators to watch everything that went on inside. One room was furnished as a living room, the other a bedroom. (Cast off furniture from the dump) With a "resident" who was "asleep" in bed, a "fire" (Smoke machine) started in a trash can in the living room. The spectators could plainly see the smoke conditions change as a Firefighter gave a running commentary on preventing/detecting/escaping fire in the home. Went over big. Stay Safe....
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