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    Default Getting people to use a TIC

    Our department has a Thermal Imager we carry on our Rescue Truck, we have used it at several Structural Fires but when it comes time to the smells and bells unless one of us younger guys grab it the older crowd seems to rule the TIC option out and not use it on the scence, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it used more often???
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    We put ours on our first due piece, right on the dashboard in front of the officer's seat. It comes off the truck on just about every call, not counting vehicles, trash cans, brush, etc. We made a "non-believer" use it once and he was able to locate a shorted switch in the wall of a house. Made a quick believer and he became one of the best supporters of using and helped convince the "dinosaurs".

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    Policy dictates on fire/smoke/alarm investigations of ANY type if the crew comes off the truck,the camera comes off the truck.T.C.

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    This can be a problem.Departments that put TICS into service may never realize the full potential of the tool.Often,once the newness of the tool and the resulting curiosity that comes with seeing the new technology wears off, the tool is left on the truck more often than it gets deployed.Some of the things that can be used to address the problem are common sense,no-cost actions that may lead to a solution. (such as the things previously mentioned by other respondents)Assigning the tool to an officer or riding position,placing the tool so it becomes more convienient to deploy are indeed actions toward a goal.Making the cameras more user freindly is another way to increase acceptance and use.(witness the industry trend toward smaller format)These smaller cameras and their big brothers can be made even more attractive by storing them in a vehicle mounted holder/charger.Most manufacturers offer this as an option some may even be willing to replace the standard carrying case as a no-cost or low cost option. SOG's, SOP's, camera size, and convienience may well lead to a more universal level of comfort and succesfull use of the technology.But I've said it before, hands-down the best way to ensure the camera is used safely and to its full potential is to be properly trained.The extent, quality and source of a departments TI training is directly related to its willingness and ability to use the tool properly.I suggest contacting the MANUFACTURER and asking them who is best for providing live fire ,thorough training.Then call the 800 number and get trained,you will use the camera. Good luck JF

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