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    Question Company Staffing For Volunteers

    We are a small volunteer department and we are considering in doing company shifts and also starting a first responder.

    Any ideas on volunteer company shifts and does anyone have volunteer shifts that man the station overnight and how do they like it.

    Thanks for any and all advise.

    Stay safe and LOW out there


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    We don't have shifts at teh station, usually the guys that live close by are there so fast it would not be worth having somebody stay, plus on any given night if you stop by odds are there are a couple guys hanging out anyway, untill about 3:00 AM anyway.

    Our first responders are set up on an on-call basis. 2 per night, and they handle all the medical calls for that night. If they start getting double calls the others will join in. All our FR's are issued jump bags, so usually when a call goes out the closer one will go to the scene by POV and the other wil bring the squad truck. That system seems to work very well for us.

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