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    Question Billing for MVA response

    How many guys are on departments where you bill for MVA response or extrication? Our county is about to institute a policy where commercial vehicles in MVA's that are from outside the county will be billed $45 per truck and $10 per man responding, billed to insurance only.

    We have a very hazardous strecth of interstate running through a very rural area, protected by departments with a low tax base for thier income. Hopefully this will help some of them get by, for one station about 70% of the calls it fire appartus rolls on are commercial vehicle MVA's.

    How many other departments do this, and what do you bill for and how much?

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    Our Department bills for MVA's with a pretty good success rate. We bill for around a 130-150 MVA's and collect on about a hundred at $160 per accident. If the insurance co are willing to pay it can become a nice revenue stream for cash strapped departments. Lets face it you are going to pay car insurance anyway and we might as well get some of the cash.
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