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    Question What would you do?

    I have just got in after a few beverages at the local "amber liquid dispensing store". On the way there I passed(aprox half a mile from where I live) our local Fire Station--young people waving big banners saying"Volunteers wanted"---I have 20yrs experience in one of the biggest/busiest brigades-I am 63yrs old and feel every ache/pain and am definately past my sell by date. Do I smile inwardly and pass the request up? Do I apply and and get told "Sorry old timer, sit in your rocking chair and leave it to the young'uns?" There is no way I could compete physically with the younger crews but know what I lack in speed I can leave them for dead in natural cunning and experience. The last thing I would hate is "What the hell is he doing here--he went out with the Ark" I have been asked on several occassions in the past to join a "volly" station but have lived outside the response area. Your views and comments would be apreciated.
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    Stop in and see if they need an "experienced" person to run the panel. In this area 63 would put you down as a welcome sight, we have 70+ year old FFs they stay with the truck and the younger ones pull hose. Might teach them some old tricks that work. Good luck.
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    I'd say go for it. With your experience, you know what you are capable of. Besides, being fast isn't efficient if you are going in the wrong direction...
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    Go for it. Maybe you can even just lend your experience and knowledge to their training.
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    Everyone has somthing to offer

    You are never to old to do somthing you want to do
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    You can be too young to do something, like golf.

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    Default There is something to be said for maturity

    Remember the story about the wise old buck and the junior standing on the hill overlooking all the does??? The youngster wanted to run down the hill and "take care" of one of em'... The older wiser buck suggested walking down to "take care" of ALL OF THEM!!! Go for it
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    Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery!

    Speaking as a relative newbie with 2 years in the fire service, my station always welcomes anyone with experience. Our oldest memeber is in his late 60's, and we even have one with a prosthetic leg! Everyone has something to offer, and the wisdom and insight that come with experience are hard to find.

    When it comes time to seek advice, its not the younger guys with more time in than me I go to, but those who have been at it forever.

    Our county rescue squad has its oldest memeber in his 70's, and he recertifies every year as a swifwater rescue tech. He is without a doubt the oldest active swiftwater tech in the world and probably the longest serving.
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