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Thread: Nfa

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    Default Nfa

    Well, I just received notice that I was accepted into the February 22nd-February 27th 2004 session. Anyone else going?

    Take care

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    Illinois-where pertnear is close enough!

    Default Been there!

    Make sure that you visit Murphy's(it used to be Murphy's). They sell NFA stuff. Neat stuff.
    Spend some time at the Memorial. It is very sobering.
    Don't leave without going to Gettysburg. You might never get the chance again.
    I enjoyed my time there immensely.
    You will too.
    Visit www.iacoj.com
    Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
    RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)

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    Default thanks

    Thanks Chief, I will make sure to do that. I have heard so much about it out there. My Chief was there a couple years ago and can not say enough. I am very excited and looking forward to going.

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    YUP! Got my notice early this week. It is kind of funny about that though...I was scheduled to attend next month, course was cancelled and I was placed on priority status for a future course. Then the course for next month was reinstated. I assumed that they had dropped the application for a future course. I had to cancel for next month, and when I called to talk to them that is when I found out I was enrolled in C/C Incident OPS. I don't know if I am going in Feburary because they have worse winters than we do. I may apply for a warmer month. Anyway...congrats!

    Michael Warnick

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