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    Post Can you run a department by e-mail? This chief attempted it.

    HOUMA, La. (AP) - A volunteer fire chief in Terrebonne Parish
    has resigned after spending more than five months trying to run his
    department from Minnesota, a move that angered some firefighters
    and residents.
    Danny Richard, head of the all-volunteer Village East Fire
    Department, turned in his resignation last week, but did not turn
    over department paperwork or a set of keys to the station.
    Richard's wife, who works as a psychiatric nurse, took a job in
    Minnesota in March.
    Richard held on to his post and said he tried to do the job by
    e-mail and cell phone, conceded it was impossible to so
    "I want everyone to know what a tough decision it was, but I
    had been splitting my time between here and Minnesota since
    March," Richard said. "Finally I realized that I could not keep
    that up, and well, my family comes first."
    Richard took the chief's job in January 2000 and had been a
    volunteer firefighter nearly two decades before that.
    But his long absences as chief, his failure to delegate a
    replacement while he was gone and his tendency not to keep his
    volunteers appraised as to his whereabouts bothered some
    firefighters and residents.
    Sheriff's Deputy Herbert Fitch, who will take over as interim
    fire chief, said a homeowner who needed a fire report for insurance
    purposes was unable to get the paperwork she requested because
    Richard, who was on an extended Minnesota visit, was the only one
    with access.
    Asked about department property, including paperwork like the
    fire reports residents sometimes request, Richard said the
    documents were locked in his Terrebonne Parish home and would
    remain there until he returned. Keys to the Development Street
    firehouse were with him in Minnesota, he said.

    (Copyright 2003 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Default Just email? Of course not!

    You would also need a cell phone with voicemail and a fax machine.
    Then, you should be able to run a department from Minnesota.
    A PALM pilot would be useful, but not required.
    That's hilarious.
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    now thats a good case of remote control operations !
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    Technology is a great thing but WOW even it can only do so much.
    This isn't really one of those things that a real "hands-off" type of position
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    Default exteneded response time?

    how can a chief response into Houma, La, when he is living in Minnesota? i can understand takinga vacation, but 5 monthes? that's absurd.
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    I'm a little dissappointed to hear that it didn't work. I would sure love to run my dept from Barbados!

    Maybe if I only did for six months of the year??
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    Hey, thats nothing. My Chief runs the service by email from his office. And hes only on the floor above the appliance room!
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    Now that was a repeater System!!!!!!1

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    The old A.T & T saying comes to mind....."Long distance...the next best thing to being there!"
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