Firefighters to get married at the hilltop spot where they met

(Hamilton-AP) -- Two firefighters met while battling one of
Montana's worst fires in 2000. This weekend, they're getting
married at the hilltop spot where they first met.
But Holly Henderson and Wayne Neill won't get much time off. The
pair will get married Saturday, and they'll be back on the line
They now work as a contract sawyer team, and are helping battle
a blaze near Corvallis.
Henderson and Neill met atop Nez Perce Pass, southwest of Darby,
on August 23rd, 2000. Fire crews working the Wilderness Complex
fires often withdrew to the pass when fires heated up in the late
afternoon. It was there a rain-soaked Henderson met Neill.
Last year, on the second anniversary of their meeting, Neill
asked Henderson to marry him.

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