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    (Pascagoula-AP) -- A Pascagoula man was arrested on an arson
    charge after a failed attempt to use his underwear to set fire to
    his girlfriend's car.
    Authorities say 23-year-old Adam Howard got into a dispute with
    his girlfriend Tuesday night and lit a pair of his underwear and
    tossed it into her car. When the underwear failed to set the car on
    fire, police say, Howard left and returned with scraps of paper.
    He lit the paper and tossed it into the vehicle, leaving only a
    small burn on the front seat of the car.
    The unidentified girlfriend declined to press charges against
    Howard in the first alleged arson attempt, but officers arrived at
    the scene after the second attempt and charged Howard with
    third-degree arson, a misdemeanor.
    Police Captain Jamie Hunter says Howard was under the influence
    of alcohol when the fight with his girlfriend began.

    (Copyright 2003 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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    Wow I have heard of burning bras but this is odd! So what I want to know was did he take this said underwear off himself and light em' up and toss em' in or did he happen to have a spare pair with him?

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    Now, this is a stupid question but it has to be asked...did he light the underwear after he took it off?
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