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    Thumbs down Dial 911 From your Computer

    This is not a good thing...


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    I've got mixed feelings about this. The idea of giving people more options for contacting us in emergencies is good. And I have to say that their explanation is pretty clear. So, that's the positive.

    On the other hand, I think most anyone in this group will agree that the average citizen doesn't read such information as carefully as they need to, and certainly doesn't keep it handy for reference in actual emergencies.

    So, to the extent that this becomes widely used, I can foresee the need for all of us in dispatch to maintain our skills in obtaining information from callers. As always, it pays to doublecheck the address with the caller, as well as the phone number. (I had one yesterday who was calling for a neighbor, and the address shown was a couple of blocks from where they wanted the 1st Responders & ambulance.)

    Ain't technology wunnerful????
    Joe O'Keefe

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