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    Default Stipends for duty crew shifts

    Looking for information on pros/cons of paying a small stipend to members who take a duty crew shift overnight. The hours are form 6P-6A. Thoughts?

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    No comment on whether or not to pay the stipend. However, if you do, make sure you check with your wage & hour agency (or whomever has jurisdiction) to make sure that with the plan you will be using you don't inadvertanly violate any labor laws regarding payment of minimum wages, payroll taxes, etc. Better off checking upfront instead of opening yourself up to a future liability.
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    I run with a paid on call dept in PA. When I do a "standy by shift" either 4, 6, or 8 hour time length the town pays us for every other hour. The rate of pay is set in Jan. The more training you have the more you get. Example the five cards from the american red cross if current dec 15th CPR, First responder, AED, O2, and blood born path will get you $1 more an hour. We get all taxes taken out it is just like a regular job. I usually work about eight 6 or 8 hr shifts a month and leave the bank with about $200 a month Sleeping pays for the phone Tv and cable modem.

    The good parts about it are I get extra money Think of it this way at 3 am when the drunk crashes his/her car, The cop is paid to be there, The ambulance driver is paid to be there, the tow truck operator is paid to be there, The guy/gal from the power company is paid to be there. We in the fire department are the only smucks not getting any cash out of the deal. Stand by crews reduced fatigue on the rest of the members, On crap calls like the above accident only the duty crew gets paged out. The rest of the department gets to sleep and get up well rested for work the next morning. If the duty crew needs help they send out another page for everyone else.

    The one thing that you have got to have is a crew of people that KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They must be able to "John Wayne" it till the rest folks get to the hall for the rigs. Finally thay must KNOW what their limitations are.
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