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    Unhappy Gas prices got so high

    I went away for a week and the price of gas went up 20 cents. This morning I needed gas and I drove to my local station, Hess on Long Island(a.k.a. Let's Go J-E-T-S) and just payed $1.99 for gas. My question is,what are you paying for a gallon of gas?
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    Ray...the same thing happened here in New England. I, too went on vacation. I filled the Jeep just before we left for Maine and my wife was shocked that it took $26 to fill it.. the Jeep's fuel tank had never been that low. The fuel was $1.53 a gallon.

    We came home Satrurday the 23rd and the fuel prices had jumped to $1.79 a gallon for unleaded regular, $1.89 for midgrade and $1.99 for premium.

    The two Mobil stations in town have the highest gas prices $1.89 to $2.09 a gallon!
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    Exuse me, high prices ?
    We pay 4.5$ a gallon for unleaded, and 4$ for diesel.
    I realy have to get out of here.
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    We dont really have any right to complain around here. Since I live near a reservation where gasoline is typically cheaper anyway we are paying 1.57 a gallon. On the other hand it went up from 1.38 before the blackout.
    I have heard that the prices should start going back down after this weekend.
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    We're at $1.89 in the Midwest. My sister just flew in from Germany; that's what they pay PER LITRE!!

    Ahem, the prices spiked because of the east coast blackout; it caused several refinerines to shut down and will take a while for them to get restarted;
    AND there was a pipeline break in Arizona.... Really. I'm serious.

    BULLS#@T!!!!! It's the end of summer, Labor Day, and everyone is sqeezing in their driving vacations. Stick it to us, big oil. Thank you, sir, may I have another.

    I would really rather they just raise the prices and jab us in the rear, and say, NO Comment, then insult me with these lame, BS excuses. I ain't that stupid.
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    Angry highway robbery literarly

    $1.75 for regular $1.99 for premium

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    $.85 a litre here, up from $.74 yesterday.

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    $1.69 for regular after a .10 raise over night. Funny how they can jump .10 over night but it takes a week to drop .02.

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    We went to Alberta last week and when we left gas was approx. 77.9/L, depending on where you were filling up. When we got into Alberta gas prices were as low as 64.5/L, again depending on where you filled up. While we were there prices jumped to well over 70 cents/L, so we knew we were facing a HUGE jump here at home. Well we weren't disappointed, gas is now 89.9/L here, makes it expensive to get to work and back *sigh*.
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    Originally posted by zippo99
    Exuse me, high prices ?
    We pay 4.5$ a gallon for unleaded, and 4$ for diesel.
    I realy have to get out of here.
    where are u at?
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    $1.78 gallon regular unleaded...sure to go up later this week as the holiday weekend gets closer.
    But I have a diesel- $1.48 gallon!
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    last time i went it was $1.57
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    As of last night it was 1.59/gal for the cheap stuff. I'm not sure what it is today.
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    To paraphrase Yogi Berra "Everyone complains about the price of gas but nobody does anything about it". If everyone boycotted the largest retailer, (which correct me if I'm wrong is Exxon/Mobil and the second largest Shell) until they lowered their price to a reasonable level, say, $1.25 per gallon, the voice of the people would be heard. As long as we keep paying through the nose and not taking any consumer action we can expect more of the same.

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    Hey, it's cheaper that a bottle of EVIAN!

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    I just got some today........ $1.67 for the 89 octane, $1.75 for the midgrade, and the 92 was $1.85 I believe. That was at the cheapest place in the area......... Most places around her has the cheap stuff at $1.75.........

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    I am with ya Jaybird ............and since I am right near "77 ......he aint lyin none !
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
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    Originally posted by PFire23We went to Alberta last week and when we left gas was approx. 77.9/L, depending on where you were filling up. When we got into Alberta gas prices were as low as 64.5/L, again depending on where you filled up. While we were there prices jumped to well over 70 cents/L, so we knew we were facing a HUGE jump here at home. Well we weren't disappointed, gas is now 89.9/L here, makes it expensive to get to work and back *sigh*.

    Gasoline prices hit record levels as supply problems team up with high demand


    CALGARY (CP) - Gasoline prices hit record highs in Vancouver on Tuesday and crept upwards in most other Canadian cities, as high crude oil costs and supply problems enhanced by the Ontario blackout ran headlong into intense seasonal demand.

    Vancouver residents shelled out a whopping 91.9 cents per litre for regular gasoline Tuesday - higher than any other Canadian city, including Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Meanwhile, the Canadian average price has increased more than five cents per litre in the past week to 83.7 cents, according to industry analysts MJ Ervin & Associates.

    Similar pump price increases are being seen in the United States.

    "This is not a made-in-Canada phenomenon, it's something we're seeing right across North America," said Cathy Hay, a senior associate at Calgary-based MJ Ervin.

    "And really it's a reflection of exceptionally low gasoline supplies .*.*. and gasoline demand on the other side of the equation is at record high levels."

    Many cities in Ontario and Quebec experienced large gas price increases in the past week. Quebec City's pump prices jumped eight cents to 89.4 cents while gas in North Bay, Ont., rose 9.2 cents to 82.4 cents.

    At the top, global crude oil prices have been hovering at very high levels for several weeks as concern over supply continues due to ongoing political turmoil in Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria and other major oil producers.

    Then there's the fact that seven major North American refineries - five in Ontario alone - were impacted for nearly a week by the power blackout earlier this month. Add to that a major pipeline rupture in Arizona last month and you've got a full-blown supply problem.

    To make matters worse, North American demand for gasoline is up five per cent over this time last year.

    "You've got high demand and low inventory, and then you hit the power outage," said Dane Baily, spokesman for the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, the group that speaks for oil refiners and marketers.

    Baily said the blackout and associated shutdown caused commodity traders to boost the price for gasoline and other refined fuels.

    "We've seen about a five to six cent a litre increase at the wholesale level over the last week," said Baily.

    Petro-Canada, one of Canada's major gasoline producers, said it took the better part of a week to bring its Oakville, Ont., refinery back on stream along with its other two facilities in Edmonton and Montreal.

    "It takes a while to bring a refinery back up," Petro-Canada spokeswoman Ann Makin said Tuesday. "You can't just plug it in, unfortunately."

    Still, a supply-and-demand-based explanation for gas prices, which once again appeared to rise shortly before a long weekend, is not likely to soften the anger felt by Canadian drivers from coast to coast.

    "People are getting very upset with this," said Mark Arsenault, spokesman for the Canadian Automobile Association's Ontario chapter.

    "It's very difficult for them to budget, especially for families on a tight budget. Or businesses as well."

    Arsenault said even with the price fluctuations beyond their control, petroleum producers could provide drivers with a more transparent pricing policy and a few days warning ahead of price hikes.

    "I don't know how that would hurt them, if not help them," he said. "Especially in dealing with some of the frustrations that they're feeling from the consumer at the pump."

    Suncor Energy, a major oilsands producer in northern Alberta that also owns 300 Sunoco service stations in Ontario, said it sympathizes with drivers.

    "I buy gas too like everyone else, but prices go up and prices go down," said spokesman Neil Levine. "But actually in Canada, it's a very competitive gasoline marketplace."

    Levine also noted that Americans are also paying unusually high prices for gasoline.

    A weekly report by the U.S. government's Energy Information Administration said prices along the West Coast rose 17.3 cents US per gallon in one week, which was the second largest increase ever recorded.

    And though cruelly ironic for those who have to return to work and school after the long weekend, relief from the high pump prices should come as early as next week.

    "It will come to an end," said MJ Ervin's Hay. "And we can look forward to lower prices in the fall as we do every year."

    The Canadian Press, 2003

    08/26/2003 18:58 EST

    I feel for all of you, I really do. I don't drive but I wouldn't be shocked if Calgary Transit hikes the cost of a bus pass again.
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