hello captian bob, I live in california. i just recieved my study guide for my up coming written exam for Orange County Fire Auth, and to my displeasure, its a CPS test. i was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how to study up for the test, and be prepared, instead of going in and getting a 50 or less like i have before. i graduated from the fire academy at June of last year, and i am really looking forward to getting a job with the fire department. i ran a search for CPS, and found your email address. any and all information that you could give would be greatly appriciated. thank you, Tony

Reply: Two items that will help:

Still the top program for getting ready for the written test is the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations from www.Fireprep.com

Firefighter Entrance Handbook
by Davis Publishing
I've had candidates who were having trouble passing the written. Once they gorillaed their way through these 279 pages, they were scoring higher. This is a great book to raise your score on a weighted test of when you have to make the cut. This is a great book for the CPS test.

You can check out this book here on firecareers.com by clicking here:

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