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    Default This ole' boy is a smart one, he is...

    People like this give us job security!

    ZURICH (Reuters) - A man who tried to fight bothersome wasps with insect spray and a cigarette lighter burned down his apartment and two neighboring flats, Swiss police say. A police spokesman said Tuesday the man used a whole can of insect spray on a wasp nest underneath an overhanging roof outside his apartment. When he tried to fend off the angry wasps with his lighter, the fumes ignited and set the flats ablaze. No one in the apartment block was hurt, but the blaze caused more than $350,000 in damage.

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    Worked a fire once where a guy had tried to smoke wasps out of his wall by placing a smoke bomb behind the stone veneer on his house. Guess what! The celotex stuff caught fire. We shut off power, pulled paneling inside and doused it with a garden hose before the first apparatus arrived.

    Morons=job security.
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    he does know that u dont need the lighter to use the spray riiiiiightt??
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