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    Default Akron Flowmeters

    My Fire Dept. currently has a new engine in production with 4 Guys and we have specified Akron Flowmeters for three large discharges. We went with Akron because our current front run engine has 2 Class 1 flowmeters on it and both are showing corrosion. One of them is the second flowmeter in that position. The first one was so corroded you could barely recognize it. The Class 1's never quit working, but with that much corrosion I would assume it would only be a matter of time before it's performance was affected. If anyone out there could pass along any experience with them, good or bad, I'd appreciate it.

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    Default So far so good...

    Our 1999 ALF/General has the Akron flowmeter on the 4" LDH discharge and so far so good, no problems. We also retrofitted our 1990 KME pumper with the new style Akron flowmeter (paddle wheel) as the old style used a spring which eventually corroded and quit working. When you say corrosion, are you referring to the exterior meter on the panel or the interior assembly attached to the plumbing? The exterior of the 1990 meter was going downhill, finish peeling, etc, as well as the interior corrosion problems affecting the actual working of the meter. We'll see how they stand up.
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