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    Default National Guard Bureau's Automated Exercise and Assessment System (AEAS)

    Easily deployed on personal computers, the AEAS can be used to test readiness for WMD incidents, receive immediate feedback on command decisions, observe the consequences of those decisions, and receive response assessments on multiple levels. AEAS allows the participating community to use its actual resources against an incident in a geo-typical community. It is capable of accommodating up to 20 participants on individually networked computers. Each participant plays one of 41 different roles panning the spectrum of emergency response activation. The software has simulated e-mail and radio traffic generated by the players. The entire assessment process takes approximately 12-14 hours and begins with an actual survey of available local resources which are logged into the system to be utilized during the expanding scenario. At the conclusion of the exercise, AEAS provides a detailed, printable after-action report (AAR), containing a diary of all exercise actions and their consequences. Eleven (11) diverse WMD incident scenarios are provided on-board the tool.

    The software is free to any jurisdiction and interested emergency response and emergency management officials may request a copy of the CD at: https://firstmuster.ngb.army.mil/aeas/
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    The current AEAS website is www.myaeas.com

    AEAS Version 1.2 is currently available on CD (still free). The next version of AEAS will be released early Fall 2006 and will include an individual trainer mode and an avain flu scenario.

    Theresa Tamash
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    does this software require any type of special training in order to use it

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