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    Originally posted by fiNEWBIEre
    Otherwise he was just a very disgruntled individual, who now has an attitude toward city employees not putting drain caps on all the way.
    One may also suggest he not try to skate over storm drains....
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.

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    Jumping might work better.
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    The story that jumped out at me, was I was on my afternoon bus (I am getting my lisence soon, to end such troubles). And we had just droppped off a few kids, and I was looking across the street, a couple of trucks, non state employed or anything, were working on the wires, they had completely blocked any sort of view from a safe distance for anyone coming out of the crossing road (It's an intersection, I was on the west opening, they were on the east on) The trucks were blocking the view to the south opening. So the person in the car, who I later found out was a friend of mine, was inching out to get out, they saw nothing, for it was there was a blind corner about 100 feet down the road, and the trucks blocked a lot of that view. So she pulled out, and a van hit her in the driver side, in the nose fortunatly, so it sent the van broadside, it hit a bank and flipped. Needless to say, I got off the bus, and made sure everyone was alright, all of them got out of the car and van, made sure everyone was ok, looked at the van and it had some smoke coming out from the engine, and something dripping from the van, was not sure what exactly it was, so just for precaution, cleared everyone away.

    I cant recall all of my actions, because I watched the accident, but I know that I was told I did a good job.

    Not much skill was used.. but it came to my mind...

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    If these count, i can think of two instances...
    I went to Cedar Point over this summer, and we had just gotten out of the wave pool, when I saw a bunch of people running over to a guy who was lying on the ground. I went over also, and he wasn't breathing so my friend's mom-who's a nurse- and i gave him CPR and until the paramedics came over... so i helped her help the guy...

    ...also, a few years ago, before I was a junior firefighter, my family and i had come home from a funeral and we were at the firehall talking to people... and all of a sudden, people rushed inside saying that a van in the parking lot was on fire... my mom's car was parked right next to it, and we found out that there was paint cans and a loaded gun in the van... so my dad- who was a firefighter already then- ran down to the garage and got one of the trucks, and i was helping him get everything of the truck, and calming the guy-whom we knew- down.

    I went to Cedar Point over this summer, and we had jsut gotten out of the wave pool, when I saw a bunch of people running over to a guy who was lying on the ground. I went over also, and he wasn't breathing so my friend's mom-who's a nurse- and i gave hi
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    Well when I was a junior Firefighter in my department i was over at my friends house in the winter time when his father screamed for us to come down and help him, his grandfather had collapsed and was not breathing, I started compressions while his father (who is a retired cop) did Ventilations, It was the first and only time I've used my skills to help families or friends...Stay Safe!
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