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    Default Protection Districts Illinois vs. Indiana

    Before anyone starts bashing me, let me explain I'm glad the Fire Grants have been made available. Also I have seen poor Paid, Combination, and Volunteer Depts. but I have just noticed something in reference to grants being awarded and how it differs from state to state. In Illinois there has been 137 Grant Awards with 83 being to Fire Protection Districts,or 60.6%. In Indiana there has been 70 Grant Awards with only 3 yes 3 being from Fire Protection Districts, or 4.3%. FEMA why the extreme difference from state to state. I am from a small municipal dept. in Illinois. Am I out of the running this year just because I'm not a Protection District?

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    It's all in how good your grant was. Nothing to do with being a FPD or not.
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    First Adze is right. Second. Fire Protection Districts, Emergency Services District, Fire Department, Fire Company, are all different ways to organize the "business" that is the fire department. Each has it's benefits, and maybe some drawbacks. Texas has Rural Fire Protection Districts (RFPDs)and ESDs. The difference is in how much of a fire protection tax can be collected. I know ESD has a limit of .99% or something like that, but RFPDs are about half that, the key word being Rural. There's no correlation between FPD and awards. Last year people thought there was one between having an extension on your contact phone number and winning. Just a bunch of superstition in an attempt to explain success or failure.

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    Exactly what BC said. Point being that in your state, more Departments prefer to be called FPD as compared to other states. Hang in there.

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