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    Default Go figure

    ........ Nice job to whoever decided to take this bid.
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    Thumbs down Who in the hell decided.............

    Since I once resigned my membership in a labor organization over philosophical differences, you can assume that I am hardly a guardian of the labor movement. Having said that, This FDNY Deal is WRONG. As Americans, Firefighters have earned every right to take pride in who they are, what they do, and how they look. They (all of you, not just FDNY) deserve quailty AMERICAN MADE, AMERICAN PROUD, Equipment, Gear, Uniforms, and Accessories. I will not get into a peeing match over union made, but AMERICAN MADE is absolutely essential for those who protect America. Stay Safe....
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    Union or not, workers deserve a safe and healthy workplace. In reality however, nobody, but nobody gets a $100 million contract w/o a litlle wheeling and dealing. Seems to me that a little investigation would lead to the m*&t bureaucrat who was responsible for this boondoggle.

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    I seem to remember there is something like 12,000 FDNY guys.....100,000,000$ divided by 12,000 is 8333.xx$....thats alot of freaking t-shirts. Is this for bunker gear also?

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    I'm not from FDNY but this huge contract could have been for several years worth of equipment.

    As for where this stuff is made: Keep it in the United States! As soon as they start "farming" stuff out, they loose the quality of their product. We cannot loose quality when our lives depend on these products (PPE)!!!

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    I'm not real sure about how the quality of this companies products stacks up against other US manufacturers but I do know American made is almost always top quality. I have just taken delivery of approx $100,000.oo US in fire equipment. Breakdown as follows

    Hose German with British Instantaneous connections. 2 hoses blew ends off in test. Fittings leak all the time

    Extinguishers French Unitor No complaints yet

    PPE Turnout gear is UK Mfg. Snaps on trousers pull off on 4 pr first wearing

    SCBA Draeger PA90. Not bad but not real comfortable in shoulder straps

    Nozzles and Monitors Akron & Elkhart US. Absolutely beautiful gear. Students here are amazed at comfort in using and operation. US made may cost a bit more or not sometimes, but the quality is always there.
    As to why the different companies and countries, we have to buy through local agents who shop out the requirements around the world.

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