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    Default american lafrance delayed delivery

    has anyone had to cancel there order with anerican lafrance becase of delivery time delays

    thanks scruggs

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    We just had inspection of our new ALF pumper. The pumper delivery is late. The dealer kept us informed that the delays were due to the start up of the new Charleston, SC factory. We were concerned at first but the pumper came out just the way we envisioned it. The new Charleston, SC factory is enormous and I now can understand why it took longer for workers to get used to new machines and the fabrication process. If you have any questions on the delays ask your dealer to take you to the Charleston factory to check it out, I think you will be pleased. I can tell you that the factory is filled with apparatus. Some really cool new trucks are being built and they said delivery schedule should be on time before the end of the year.

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    Could you define FULL? 10, 20, 30, 100 trucks whatever?

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    Default ALF canceled?

    there are several ALF orders cancelled in N.Texas (more than 5)

    No explanation = but 1 year plus is too long to wait for a truck built somewhere different every year.

    but of course the real mfg. are loving it & taking up the slack.

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    Default ALF

    I don't know too much of the order we've placed, but I know our ALF pumper was duein the spring. Our prepaint inspection is now in either October or November. Its gonna be a nice truck when it arrives, they make great equipment, just when it arrives...

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