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    Question How does one become an Arson Investigator?

    I've always been curious how one becomes an Arson Investigator, or a Fire Marshall. I'm currently trying to get on with Gwinnett County and was interested in looking at moving into the investigation stuff later on in the fire service.

    Any of you guys/gals here work in Arson Investigation? How is the work and how does one go about getting into that area of the fire service?

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    Well, in Suffolk County NY, for Arson Investigator's you have to be in the Police Department first for a few years (civil service exam and other qualifications to get on the force) and for Fire Marshal's you have to take the civil service exam for Fire Marshal 1.

    Every jurisdiction is different. Maybe someone at the IAAI (International Assoc. of Arson Investigators) could help you out and give you a contact for your area.


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    In Missouri, you have to have Fire Fighter I & II. Then you can take a 12 hour course called Cause and Determination. Once you have that done, you have to take a 40 hour course called Arson Investigation. Once you take the 40 hour course, you have to take the state test, then investigate an accidental fire and an incindiery fire. Once all of that is done, you are a certified arson investigator. The certification means nothing if you aren't appointed by your department.

    To be a Fire Marshal in Missouri, you have to complete the above requirements AND go to the Police Academy, then hope the Fire Marshal's office is hiring.

    Here is a website for you:


    Hope that helps.
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    What about a Fire Code Enforcement Officer? Anyone? Anyone?

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