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    Post Splitting up crews research

    Has anybody seen any papers or research about splitting up crews. I have to do a paper on this subject and need articles. This is being proposed due to one shift having an abundance of "problem children". I am looking for both pros and cons. Thanx

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    While I don't have experience or research to back up these ideas, I might guess breaking up crews & shifts might be strike 2, where strike 1 was a long talk with the bad apples, and strike 3 might be demotion or termination. I could certainly imagine resistence from the crews about this because we get into a comfort zone with our regular partners and seem to know them better than anyone else. More than that, some might see this as punishment, having to counsel the problem children. On the other hand, some discussion with the white shirts & collar brass might create the mindset that the talented ones with skill & patience are being sought to push the difficult ones in the right direction by being a good example and partnering with someone new. Just a couple ideas, but good luck with the project!
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