Hello everyone…
I just wanted to say thanks to all the firefighters out there… not just for the obvious stuff either. I volunteered at ground zero in the “bubble” or the “taj mahal”… what ever you want to call it. I worked there from December, 2001 through the end of February, 2002. I worked the over night shift 4 times a week at WTC 11:00pm-7:00 am. (I also worked a few shifts at the medical examiners office) When I signed up to volunteer with the Salvation Army I thought I was going to be serving food to the workers and cleaning off tables. I was right about that but I had clue that the conversations I would have with the firefighters would have a lifelong impact on me. It’s just that all the guys were so grateful for everything. They were the ones that were out there in the middle of the night, in the cold of the winter searching for remains. Yet when they would come in on their break that would take time to stop and thank me for what I was doing… usually many times in the same conversation. I would be doing something so small like restocking the salad dressing and the guys would go out of their way just to say thank you… They took such a genuine interest in me. They made it such a point to make sure I was taken care of while I was in the city. They almost acted like big brothers or fathers my group and me. I got to sit and talk with many of them for hours. Their dedication and gratefulness amazed me.
Since then I have noticed that it is not just FDNY who has great guys and gals in it. I have notices that firefighters everywhere are great! I mean sure… sometimes you guys are rough around the edges but your hearts are in the right place.
So once again I just wanted to say thank to all the firefighters (especially to the FDNY.)