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    Question Water Damaged Cameras

    Have any of your cameras had water damage and quit working? If so how did the water get in and did the manufacturer warranty the repair or did the Department have to pay?
    Lt. Dan

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    We have had two instances where condensation was present in front of the screen and behind the protective screen. They were a both MSA evol. 4000. MSA stood behind the repair which was a defective leaking o-ring.

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    Default Water damaged cameras

    Most TICS on the market are water resistant to about 1 meter (3ft), some may require the battery compartment to be closed. EVERY TIC is subject to condensation problems at the very least on the outer viewscreen and germanium lens and in other cases inside the sacrificial or protective lenses,as well as more serious cases when moisture is present inside the unit. This could be a result of a faulty seal or in cases where a unit may have been bumped, dropped or damaged in some other way, also water may be entering because of damaged or corroding electrical contacts. I have not heard of any instances of a manufacturer not standing behind their product as long as there are no signs of obvious abuse such as leaving a unit in an oven or the fire to "see how much heat it could take", any deflection of the case could allow water to find its way in. No matter who claims to have the toughest camera the fact remains these are highly sensitive pieces of electronic equipment that for the most part will all stand up to firefighting use but not unecessary abuse. Good luck and stay safe!

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