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    Default Rules for Jrs?

    In my company there is a set of rules refering to juniors being allowed on runs. It is if you have Basic Essentials of Firefighting and you are 16 you can ride the truck. I turned 16 on January 7th and started my class on January 22nd. I finished my class on 3/24/03. I got my certificate on May 24th and that was the day got a copy of it. It is 9/22/03. Now another junior just got done taking his class 9/10/03 and he gave the chief a copy of his. The next week he rode Engine 1 to a gas leak call. I have not rode the truck since I have given the chief my copy of the certificate but I think I am going to start and I didnt choose not to ride the truck all that time either. When I gave the chief a his copy of the certificate I asked him if I could ride the truck and he said he would look into somethings. How long is it going to take chief!?
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    1) ask your junior advisor for advice
    2) follow up with the chief. it's possible he had other things that had to take precedence (you know, like running the department, little stuff like that ). and remember, chiefs are human too, maybe he forgot. just ask him what your status is.
    3) do not start riding until you get his permission to do so. just wait, and get as much training as you can. remember, there will be other calls.
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    Talking I feel old...

    Ah yes... if this bothers you... get used to the feeling, it happens a lot. And it brings me back to making me feel old and stuff. I take it you have kinda been around for awhile and the other guy hasn't, cause this is the usual tune.

    Back when I joined, we weren't issued gear, we earned our gear.
    Back when I joined, we weren't allowed to ride the rigs, we earned our seats.
    Back when I joined, we weren't issued pagers, we earned our pagers.

    Now... almost 4 years later, its not that way. And actually I have now found myself falling behind of some of the other guys, because I have been around a bit longer, and I am a bit more cautious about pushing the rules, these new guys, they just storm in.

    In a nut shell... get used to it buddy. Just try to be persistent and consistent and you will win the race.
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    As everyone else has said, just ask the cheif. If the guy who just got done with his class, and rode the apparatus to a call. Then there should be nothing stopping you. Just check with the cheif. Be persistant.

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    Just be patient, ask him again but donít constantly pester him. The chief always has other stuff to do, it probably just slipped his mind. Remember, he doesnít have to let you go. It is an opportunity offered to those who have earned it. If he approves you, donít do anything to jeopardize your riding privileges (such as riding without authorization). I wish my department gave explorers the privilege of going on runs.

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