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    I have the gut belt and love it but if my dept world let us get the tabs on bunker gear for a harness like FDNY I would go with that instead, since I use my belt more for the bailout purpose instead of carrying stuff like many other people use the belt for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blink58truckie View Post
    im a product designer with a great deal of knowledge in materials and processes. leather is one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any material. thats why its been around for so long. remember, were buying leather helmets and boots again, after being told they were unsafe. also coming from the design world, products are designed for an average. and with the average american is steriotypically overweight, these belts are often designed to hold 3 or four people. so the only real difference that i can see between the two is the little piece of paper that says its rated. the only thing that will do is cover your dept and your *** if you infact get hurt using it. but other than that. i would feel safe with a piece of kernmantle tied around me in a bowline knot. but to each their own i suppose.

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