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    Default A Nightmare Response

    Georgia Firefighter Finds His Own Children Among Crash Victims

    I can't imagine (nor do I want to) what this brother is going through...

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    This certainly is a tragic reality in our profession.
    The things we see on a regular basis is imbedded in the rear of our minds, and generic names and faces take on the situations.

    In smaller areas, you know everyone and where they live, so when an alarm comes in with the given address you size up your response accordingly to help. When an MVA is dispatched, it seems that you never size up that it is someone you know.

    We have seen news articles such as this before. Fortunately, they are few and far between, but its the nature of the job. We never know what to expect or who to expect. It's actually scary.

    My heart goes out to the Varnedore family for this tragic accident, and all the Brothers and Sisters who respond daily into the unknown.
    "The uniform is supposed to say something about you. You get it for nothing, but it comes with a history, so do the right thing when you're in it."
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    This horrible story sends chills down my spine. My heart goes out to the Varnedore family.

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    This is the worst--

    I printed this out for my wife--

    I HATE 4 wheelers--think they're the worst things for kids out there.

    Kids by me all the time run around on those things.

    I know the lady driving the car was drunk but those kids had no business on that thing on the road. I feel horrible for this brother--One of my greatest fears is arriving to the scene of an accident and it's one of my own---
    "When you are safe at home, you wish you were having an adventure-when you're having an adventure, you wish you were safe at home"

    --Thornton Wilder

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