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    Question HM drill

    Hello, I am looking for ideas on setting up a good Haz-Mat drill for explorers.I want to include reconizeing DOT placards,vapor supression,stopping leaks,dykeing etc.

    Keep in mind its for your average joe explorers not a haz-mat nerd adviseor like me.

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    We had a explorer muster a few years ago when we focused of industrial fire protection and haz-mat. Check out the link.

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    I dont know how to help you, but once you get some sort of a schedule, agenda, or itinerary or something, please coudl you PM me with those. Always looking for a good oppurtunity for training, esp. on something so scarcely done as Haz-Mat for Explorers.

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    First Off, What level of Haz-Mat Training Do Your Explorers Have? Remember To Keep It Basic And Saftey Is A Must. Try A Basic Placard Recognizing Drill. Keep It At The Responder Awareness, Not Opperations Level. The ERG 2000 Is A Great Tool To Use When Responding To Haz-Mat Events. Mabye It Can Help You In Setting Up A Mock Awareness Drill.
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    brubaker hit the nail on the head with his ideas. Allow me to "flesh it out" a little more.

    Get yourself some overheads of placards (a power point presentation, flash cards, real placards, whatever you can get/use).

    Give your explorers copies of the ERG - Let them look at the placard, identify the correct substance (if applicable) and then pick the correct action plan from the ERG.

    You could then take it a step further by giving him/her a specific location in your district and (using the resources you truly have in your area) have them explain how they would begin implementation of the Action Plan until further help arrived.

    If you want to really have fun - go out in a field and have them try to I.D. the placards from a distance with & without binoculars (Everyone carries binoculars on all the trucks right ??) then do all of the above.

    No matter what the setting - make it as real as possible - have someone pretend to be your dispatcher and have the explorers actually make verbal "radio calls" requesting & directing resources until relived. You can even add in a proper relief briefing if you like.

    After each scenario sit down as a group and critique the way it was done (this is the tricky part esp. for explorers) keep this portion non judgmental. All advice should come in the form of "I would have done this instead of that because . . ." and not "That was a stupid thing to do . . ."

    Above all - keep it fun. No one really likes training (well most training) and Haz Mat is even worse. So keep it light but realistic and have fun with it. (Take your explorers out for Pizza or burgers afterward too).
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Think about the HAZ-MAT awarness class for explorers, here in NC, it isn't a cert. so we can have it.
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