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    Default For serious fire ground strength...

    Try the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, "Toughest Two Minutes In sports". Training for this will get you in shape for anything you may incounter on the battle ground. Check out our page... Please e-mail use for spacific neads.


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    Default getting in shape

    Is this Scott thing a book or video of some sort? I have the FF workout book, and I do gymnastics and I run, but man I wish I could get some good arm and shoulder strength back! Any ideas

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    Hey shortytheFF,
    Occasionally you may have an opportunity to watch the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge on TV. It is usually covered on ESPN or in Canada, TSN. As well, check out the Outdoor Life Network from time to time. If you check with your neighboring fire departments, they may have a recorded copy of a past challenge, depending on how serious they are into the challenge. If you are really stuck, I'll mail you a copy myself. Just drop me a line.
    In the meantime for training, utilize free weights as much as possible. Dumbbells at high repetitions - light weight at first. Then move to heavier weights and less reps. [/url]Focus on the movements... not the amount lifted! Your local gym will be in a better position to assist you for exact exercises. Tell them exactly what you want, and that you are a firefighter. They may be able to spec out a solid routine for job related assignments. Glad to here that you run and you’re into the gymnastics! Cardio is huge! Keep up the good work and always go hard.
    Wild Man [url]www.whitehorsecombat.com

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