I am a newly appointed Asst. Chief (volunteer) in a small rural department in Oregon. We are a growing department with a paid staff of 5 personnel and over 50 volunteers. We provide structural/urban interface fire suppression and medical services out of 1 main station with 2 substations to a district approx. 65 sq miles and a population of just over 22,000 people.

Being a growing department there is recognition that the Assistant Chief’s role needs to grow with the district as well. Currently my role as Assistant Chief has been overseeing emergency operations with some interaction with volunteer personnel. It has been my goal to re-write the volunteer Assistant Chief’s position for our department during my first year at this position.

I was hoping that I might be able to obtain copies of position plans of other Volunteer Assistant Chiefs from other combination departments around North America to assist me with ideas in developing a functional position to assist the paid administration as well as support the needs of our volunteers. If at all possible, please send electronic copies of position plans, at the approval of your chief administrator to A/C Cary Vonasek, email

Thank you