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    Hello my Brother and sisters,

    I have returned here after a few months absense. I'am in my new fire dept. Which is combo career/volunteer. Things are going very slow for the process of getting me in a role I can handle. Which brings me to a question maybe some of the older guys could help me with. Now I am not a Jr. however, this is the form I know the best and am closer to in age. So let me give it a shot.

    Now I have discussed my medical situation before, for advice from you guys. I successfully passed my dept pshyical with the suggested level of "exterior" by the dept appointed doc. However, I am not allowed to do anything until the chief has a convo w/ my doctor about my medical history and condition and such. However the doc dosent want to talk to my chief. So I feel stuck. I've tried to resolve this and its not going anywhere. Got any ideas?

    I'm not in a hurry to get back out there, but heck I still would like to be able to respond and do what I can.

    Thanks bros/sis's


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    I say that you tell it like it is. Just say "Hey doc, I need you to do this so that I can get back out there and do what I like. It would mean alot to me if you would this." and see where it goes from there. any other suggestions?
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    Just specifically ask him to do that for you. As MVFD said.

    Hope it works...

    Sorry for the unoriginal answer, its just a really good one!
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