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    Lightbulb Proper wearing of FD Uniforms

    Can someone advise as to the proper time to wear Class A uniform. Recently had a member who was terminated from department pass away. He was buried in his class A uniform. Members were requested not to wear their Class A uniforms to his funeral but were still allowed to attend.

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    My angle is that you wear it when you are representing your department, such as at an official department funeral, promotion ceremony, awards ceremony and the like.

    That is a touchy situation you have there. I'm actually surprised that the department didn't have a problem with a terminiated employee being buried in the departments Class A.
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    Default Why?

    I'd have to ask why was he terminiated from the department? If it was because of medical issues or retirement, then by all means, bury him in his Class A uniform.

    However, if he was terminated for cause (eg. assault, sexual harassment, non-compliance with orders/SOP's), then he should not have had that privilege.

    BVHoff, can you give more general detail as far as the terminiation?

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    Default Hmm....

    I would guess that the department had no authority on what the family & funeral home did in terms of final resting apparel, but they might not have wanted the department represented at the service because of how or why the employment ended. The question makes ya think!
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