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    Default Water Rescue Equipment

    Has anyone used or had experience with the resqdisc? Product information can be found at www.resqdisc.net My question to those who have used it is what do you think about it verses a throw bag.

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    Have one, and use it.

    Pros: 1) Can throw long distances (100ft) accuratly with little practice. 2) Can throw again with out reloading. 3) Works well in static water rescues where patient has no pfd since the disk has floatation.

    Cons: 1) Not recommended for swift water. We wondered why and tried it in moving water. The disk acts like a deep diving bass lure!!! 2) The disk is hard so don't be too accurate. OUCH! 3) The rope is thin, hard to grasp, and only rated at 500lb breaking strength.

    Bottom line: Works well in certain static water situations. However, If I were to buy only 1 it would be the throw bag. The disk is a nice addition.
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