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Thread: 3-lug Storz?

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    Question 3-lug Storz?

    We just took delivery of a new tanker (that would be tender to you left-coast types).

    Said tanker came with 3-lug Storz couplings on the intakes/discharges. I've never seen 3 lugs before (everything else I've seen has only 2).

    What gives? Is this a new design? Drafting only?
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    the only thing I can think of is it the lock for the coupling ?>
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    Each one of our pumpers in my volunteer department carry 1000' of 5" and 600' of 6" hose. The 5" has the traditional 2 lug Stortz couplings and the 6" has the 3 lug Stortz connections. Just some thoughts.

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