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    Default First Responder Cert?

    Hey I am in Pennsylvania...

    Does anybody know who I go to to get First Responder Training?
    Mabey a website?
    Also.. what is the minimum age requirement?

    Thanks a bunch

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    Look into the National Regristry of Emergency Medical Technicians at http://www.NREMT.org They should have a list of places, state by state, that offer First Responder Training. Here is the link to the Pensylvaina Dept. of EMS. http://www.health.state.pa.us/hpa/ems/default.htm
    Hope these help.
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    Justin - Just a friendly piece of advice. Go EMT, don't worry about a first responder course. FR is only a little bit shorter than EMT, and it isn't really recognized too well. EMT will get you where you want to go with the fire service and EMS. I believe you have to be 16 to go through the course. It's a 200 dollar course, but if you go through a local squad, they will reimburse you, provided you pass it. Any questions, PM me. I'm always willing to help.

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    Correct. To get your FR/ECA you need to be 16. Alot of squads here in Vermont like FR's so I'd say go for it!

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