I'm in the same boat as you Eng44ine. My department has had no real Fire Prevention Coordinator in the past, nor a program in place that I can recall. I totally agree that fire prevention should and cannot be aimed at just children, and a year-long focus on this area is a must in any size community.

Therefor we have just launched our new program that not only includes visits to the local schools during fire prevention week, and the assorted station tour, but will pilot a reading program where one of our own from the department will go to a class (K-3)and read to them. During this time we will also have a contest where the child from each grade who reads the most books from the beginning of the school year to fire prevention week, will recieve a prize. We're looking at backpacks with our departments crest embroidered on it, filled with games, treats and assorted fire prevention material.

We also have had good luck with our smoke detector/pizza delivery program. We get together with a local Pizza restaurant and for a few hours a night during fire prevention week we would randomly deliver a pizza in our rig and if the customer had a working smoke detector, the pizza was free. If not, we would give them a new unit for them to install. This might be something that we will try a couple times outside of FP week as well.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this topic. I came in here looking for ideas on where to find good places to get new materials and should have just about all I need. If anyone comes up with anywhere else that a guy can find this stuff please feel free to e-mail me at mjm@pegasusautoracing.com