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    I think this has been brought up before, what is the story with the FDNY Ferrara's, I beleive they are only building a small order of large capacity pumpers? They must have put a lot of work in to get the order, even to the extent of a new cab/chassis design. One thing though, the cab design looks awfully like something else FDNY has a lot of. I have had a look at the in progress pics on the Ferrara website and they look OK I guess we will wait and see what happens when they enter service. What do others who have seen them think?for those who haven't heres the link

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    FFA is building 3 high pressure pumpers for FDNY. They recieved the bid because they were low bidder (So the print media says). They look like the FDNY Seagraves on purpose. FDNY is pretty straightlined when it comes to apparatus specs so its no wonder they are damn near identical (As much as possible) to the Seagraves. Just some thoughts.

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    I have heard that it is a way of FDNY to say thank you for the truck that was donated After 9/11. I don't see them switching their fleet from seagrave. I think Hebe would do just about anything to keep FDNY a fleet of Seagraves!!

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