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    Default Mistakes on form SF1199A

    Has anyone found any mistakes with their 1199A? After submitting the online form,which you have to do before printing the form for the bank, the bank informed me that the routing number and account number on our checking account had been changed. WHY we werent told this i have no clue. They have been cross referencing our old account number with the new numbers to make deposits and withdrawals. BUT here's my ???. Being that i submitted the wrong info online, will the printed form be enough for the corrections to the account?

    NERVOUS as hell now waiting to hear something. It would be a shame if something happened to the grant because of a simple mistake that could have easily been avoided. And yes i doubled and tripled checked the info on our checks with the info on the form before i submitted. *sighs* another waiting game.


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    I'm SURE nothing too worry about your grant. The money is there for you. The only trouble is, it may take a little longer to get your money. I would call Monday to your grant specialist(I've never been able to talk to mine) or the help line. Don't worry too much.


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    We had simialr problems. It is usually because a bank is purchased or combines with another bank. Our 1199 was wrong 3 times. FEMA even tryed to send our first payment and it was returned. I spoke to a person at FEMA and they were very helpful. Don't worry they will work with you.

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