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    Default Residency Requirements

    The department I work for currently has a residency requirement. It requires that ALL city employees must live within the county. I know however that the public works director lives just across the river in another state, that there is a police officer in another county, at least one lady from city hall and possibly one fireman who all live outside the county. There may be more, these are the ones that I am aware of. I currently own land aprox two miles over the county line that I want to build a house on.This is abuot 9 miles from our fire headquarters, which is one mile closer than where I live now inside the county. We are subject to recall in case of major incidents, which is rare but this move would not affect my response time. What are my chances? If anyone has any advice or comments it would be of great help. Thanks.

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    I know of a couple of departments around here that require you to live within 30 air miles of their fire headquarters. I have personally never heard of requiring you live within the same county. That, as it appears it already has, could cause some issues. I personnally don't agree with having to live within the same county, the mileage requirement seems fair but I still don't like it. If it were me I would talk to my chief first and explain my situation, I don't think I would bring up the others that live out of the county, but just explain your situation and see what happens from there. Good Luck with your new home!
    Matt Griffin
    Eastern Chilton County Division of Fire, Rescue, and EMS, Station 91.

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    In many areas, especially here in PA, the residency rules change frequently. Therefore, depending on when the particular person was hired, depends on the status of the residency requirement... For example - In Harrisburg, before Oct. 2003, you had to live in the city for 1 year prior to applying, and then live there throughout your career. After Oct. 2003, the only requirement is that you live there throughout your career. Also, about 5 years ago, the rule changed again, so that those who were hired before that period, don't need to live in the city at all...

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    Default Exchange

    Consider trading your property for a desired location within county where you work.

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