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    Question requiring FF to become ALS

    Do you know of any departments that are requiring their firefighters to become ALS providers? I am looking for departments that are requiring new hires and/or current employees to become Intermediates or paramedics as an answer for their ALS dilemma. If you can provide a telephone number or e-mail address for a contact at the department it would be appreciated.

    If you department is taking this step, I would also like to hear your opinion on it.

    I am planning on using this information in a research paper.

    Thank you for your help!

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    My department doesn't require any current employees to advance beyond the level that they were hired at, but we will no longer hire anyone who isn't already certified to the EMT-P level.

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    Post ALS

    My department requires, by contract, all newly hired members who are not already I's to become Intermediates, current members who are Basics may upgrade skill rating, with in both cases the city paying all costs, all members recieve comp. time for all off duty class and ride time. We are a non-transport agency in Central Illinois.
    For hiring individual must have IL. Firefighter II, or EMT-B, or Associates Degree or better.
    Stay Safe Butch

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