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    Question Team sports for on duty PT

    We have been playing soccer on duty for our physical fitness training. Our chief recently told us not to "play" on duty anymore. We tried to explain that it builds our teamwork, morale and fitness at the same time but he insists that he cannot defend "playing" to the higher ups at city hall without documentation from other departments showing that they allow team sports on duty. Please post your ideas. Thanks!

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    Try using statistical data that shows excersize in any form, especially cardio, will not only improve endurance but save lives and prevent injuries. Show them how much money can be saved with less time off due to injuries and sickness. The NFPA still shows that the leading cause of firefighter death is cardiac related. If they dont buy it for soccer then try to get suggestions from them on what they would like to see happen. Just a few ideas from my point of view.

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    Your Chief may have had to stop the playing of sports due to your insurance policy. we just find out that our policy does not allow the following,

    The Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy that our Fire Department currently carries has the following exclusions that relates to on duty sports activity:

    “The policy will not cover any loss caused by or resulting from any activity in Football, Ice hockey,Feild hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Boxing.”

    I was surprised that basketball was not on their list, we have had more loss time due to basketball injuries then for any sports activity on their list. So if you do not know you may want to check your policy and see what is cover.

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