I have a few Questions I need to resolve. I am a fire fighter on a city P.O.C. dept. I guess I can get right down to buisness here.... Why doesnt any one listen to younger firemen these days? It's not saying these so called "officers" dont have all the experience but here's coming from a guy that has seen it in many different perspectives. I recently returned back to my P.O.C. department from a union fire job, right there kinda says that I have a really good idea what is going on since I did that for a living, where the poc's dont ya know? Plus I have been a state fire school instructor and a live burn instructor for some time now and the only thing I cant figure out is why all the guys that have been there for a long time won't consider a thing from a younger guy even if it relates to a saftey issue or a for sure tactic..... Someone give me an approch or an Idea how to make the knowlegde flow?